Brainal Sex

The first of many (mostly idiotic) character-based spoken word pieces to follow.

Words spoken:

“Look, I don’t give a damn what kinda random things you’ve heard,
When I speak,
I make your neurons fire by the thousands
At the sound of every word!
‘Cuz when I philosophize,
I electrify
In e-sexifyin’ ways.

So girl,
Give me your applause, please!
I’ll get down on my knees just to heat up your degrees,

These words are verbal rufies:
Prepositions droppin’ panties DOWN, AROUND
Her ankles, ON the ground;
I’m talkin’ metaphornication here,
Let’s just be clear on that.
Because “on cloud 9″
Just does not describe
The way I’ll make you feel inside
If you spend a night with me in mind.

‘Cuz these lines are de-signed
To optimize pleasure
And be read at your leisure.
You’re under no pressure, but know
That my flow
Will get you hot, when it’s cold!
And as history’s told,
When this verb TRAIN
Starts a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’
‘Cuz a deed is bein’ done,
And the dirty deets are SHOCKIN’!

So what we need now to do
Is acknowledge the fact that
Through my words,
I’ve been inside of all of you.
But don’t disdain,
Because I maintain,
There is no shame
In knockin’ brains
Like boots.”


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