John “the Catfish” Haslett is a writer-for-hire, life-long Jayhawk, and aspiring ninja currently striking from the shadows of Portland, Oregon.

He graduated from the University of Kansas in 2013 with a B.G.S. in Film/Media Studies. His plays have been featured in five 24-hour play festivals, and have received two staged readings (of his one act, “John Brown Is Dead; or, Waiting for the Dough”); additionally, since 2009, he has written and performed many spoken word pieces on numerous stages in northeast Kansas.

Of course, all of the above is really just me fancying myself up using third person perspective and listing a few of my accomplishments to sound like I’m not totally worthless. But I am, and it’s infectious, so you may want to get yourself tested for it sooner rather than later. Undeterred? Well then count on me posting at least once per week, though I try to shoot for three.


If you’re interested in booking me for a reading, publishing my stuff, or kicking me a couple dollars for a script consultation, then I may question your judgment, but my booking agent (me) won’t. Contact information for him (me) and me (also me) can be found by clicking the thing in the top right that looks like this: CONTACT. Or, if you’re really that lazy, you can just click here.



  1. This is a great idea. I am looking forward to more. After all, it ain’t nothing but a thing. Which I think means it is really something.


  2. Hello,
    Thank you for following my Blog , I will be more glad if you visit it in future as well. Your opinions are highly appreciated on my posts.
    May Allah bless you ameen


  3. I too am a part time ninja!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Then we must speak no more of this in such public avenues, my brother–first rule of ninja club, and whatnot.


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