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I Drive A Prius!

Words Spoken: “Uh, my name is ‘Chod,’ Not ‘Chad.’ And I drive a Prius, And in case you didn’t know, I cruise, Gettin’ fifty to the gallon, yo. Which means that I’m green Like the money I save. So go drive your gas guzzlers And be Halliburton’s slaves; MEANWHILE, With zero contrition, I will rub […]

Brainal Sex

The first of many (mostly idiotic) character-based spoken word pieces to follow. Words spoken: “Look, I don’t give a damn what kinda random things you’ve heard, When I speak, I make your neurons fire by the thousands At the sound of every word! ‘Cuz when I philosophize, I electrify In e-sexifyin’ ways. So girl, Give […]